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im just wondering what freedpop is and how it works


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    Freedompop is wireless carrier that offer free talk and text after a free tried pay plan on phones. It a app you downloaded on the phone that use VoIP (Voice over IP).
    There is also hotspots and USB's devices as well for data only plans. The phone, hotspot and USB devices offer on
    Email: [email protected]
    [email protected]

    For better help in real time, "Skype" is the best help I can offer. My Skype User is "freewill95". You can add me to your contact list and in the message box, type "freedompop user".
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    I research everything before I purchase and try. I started on this forum almost a month before I actually started using freedompop. Don't believe all the stuff you read online. Googling Freedompop, did not return a positive results...

    Claims of unnecessary charges....Claim of bad service...etc etc....<<<All wrong wrong wrong>>>>let me explain.

    I like the idea of having free phone service, with no strings attached>>>But I thought for sure it way way to good to be true.

    So nervous with my first activation, I read every single little detail. I did not want any crazy charges>>>>but there was nothing in Fine hidden charges, I couldn't see. Freedompop had everything right before your eyes and easy to read.....

    Each page offered a great deal, on certain account privileges, but it also say something like>>>>I don't want this offer.....Ticked that on on to the next page.

    All the way to the payment page, where again, you have a chance to look at every single charge, and a chance to opt out. I entered my Visa number and hit activate.....and even then, it told me what to do next to the phone. Found a number and on to my new account, where I went into settings and disabled auto top off.

    After this I went to slickdeal, looking up freedompop friend, and I now have almost 200 friends and another free 500mbs a month to add to the 500 I got for free. After adding them to my account via request(email)>>>Even though they are apart of my freedom friends, There is no communication threw freedompop, unless you trade some data>>>even than you have to accept it to give it away...Might wake up and somebody gifts you free data, just for being there friend.

    BYOD was just as easy, only difference, I had to pay a 19.99$ fee for activation.

    Freedompop only gets better with age, and these guys are still a very young company. I have got nothing but great service from these guys, and I have never hear a no we can't help you.>>>mind you calling is kinda difficult and can takes forever....But here on the forums....Admins are quick to help, as long as you ask correctly.

    I have not found one hidden charge....and Never had an issue getting help. Even if you ended up with a hidden charge, I am positive, these guys would help to correct the issue, and keep you as a customer.....Even if you dont pay a dime for there service.

    Freedompop seem to good to be true, but I promise...Its not....I only wish I would have found these guys sooner>>>I could have save a ton of cash>>>WE have 5 phones and 5 other devices. I just purchased a couple of extra phones to gift..

    THESE GUYS ROCK!!!!!((freedompop Customer, just under a month!!!!))

    Great Tips and Trick, User Guides and How to's in my Signature-(Take a Peek)

    Hope you find any post I have created helpful. Please look for my How to-s(Downgrading-100% Free) and (How to use the FreedomPop Community), or my Guides on FreedomPop Devices(Phones) and (Hotspots). Here is one on (FreedomPop Plans). Here is one on all (FreedomPop Apps). He is one on(Traveling with your GSM Global Sim?) or Common Question about the (GSM Global Sim). You can PM me anytime by clicking this link here njfulwider5. Than click the BUTTON with the (Small Envelope), to left of the word (MESSAGE). I will do my best help. Welcome to FreedomPop

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    if I have a freedom pop phone can it be used with another service provider?
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    @gil2711‌ , not at same time.
    You can deactivate the FP phone, then after up to 30 days go by the esn become clean and is ready to activate on any service that accepts that phone.

    One at a time activations.
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    Wish I could say the same. I often can't place calls, and sometimes don't receive calls. The phone will sometimes lock-up and I have to reboot it. I'll go to place a call and it will say "network unavailable". I wife will call and say it rang. I look at the phone and it's stuck saying that there is an incoming call.

    I suspect it's because I BYOD's a Sprint device instead of a Freedompop device.
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