Tips when BYOD Galaxy Tab 3 (or other BYOD if applicable)

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From my personal experiencing activating a used Galaxy Tab 3 with clean ESN (bought from ebay and Swappa etc.), I thought I'd post some tips/lessons learned. I would say this is applicable to any devices that can be activated via BYOD which has a removable SIM card (e.g. Galaxy S4 etc.), but I am not 100% sure.

1. Make sure the device has a clean ESN (check on FP's BYOD link to check the ESN if you have the ESN # already, or you can also check on
2. Obtain the correct SIM card for your device before activating via BYOD link (@Ali made posted a good thread about how to obtain a SIM card. Since I don't have any Sprint account to have them send me a SIM card for free, I just bought it from for $14.xx w/shipping). For Tab 3, the correct SIM is supposed to be SIMGLT207R, but SIMGLW206R worked, too. They're the same price. Also, I think the SIM card needs to be new, not a used SIM card. What sells are brand new (probably cheaper and faster than buying from ebay etc.)
3. Once you have the device with clean ESN, and a new SIM card, then go through the FP's BYOD link to activate by entering your ESN # and ICCID# (which is your 20-digit SIM card #)
4. Once your FP account is created/activated (MSL code should be sent to you via email), on Tab 3, you can do a MSL reset on the calculator pad (only for Tab 3, see here) by pressing (+30012012732+ then ##786# (this will factory reset, so if you have anything data to back up, make sure to back it up). Then your device will go through the hands-free activation including PRL Update and Profile Update. You should be able to connect to 3G or 4G LTE (depending on your coverage). Then download FP Messaging App for Call & Text.

Mistake I made when activating my Tab 3 with FP's BYOD was that I entered a wrong ICCID# (the seller did not include a SIM card, but the original box that came with had ICCID# printed on it, so that was the ICCID# I entered on BYOD link without realizing that I needed a new SIM card). It took a while until FP Admin was able to update my correct ICCID# on their end, and I performed another MSL reset & hands-free activation.


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    Good concise explanation of the process.
  • MiFi 4082MiFi 4082 Posts: 32FreedomPop Newbie
    @Abbey H@Ali‌ If I get the original SIM from the reseller (previously activated under their Sprint account) will I be able to use it, or do I need a new one?
  • GalaxyTab3_UserGalaxyTab3_User Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
    When I tried to activate my Galaxy Tab 3 with SIMGLW206R, i received message saying that is not the correct SIM to should be SIMGLT207R. Is this correct? Were you able to get -206R to work?
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