Issues Activating a Sprint Samsung S4 for a Buddy of Mine....(BYOD)

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A Recent Buddy, decided to get his wife a S4 on Ebay. He got the Phone, It came in the Box it was sold in. Phone Looks Brand New. But he Purchased it under the assumption that it was used, and had a clean MEID.

He gets the Phone.....Goes straight to Freedompop BYOD Activation Site. Enters the MEID>>>>"Snap. looks like we do not currently support your phone model">>>We know Freedompop Supports the S4

So he emailed me, and I looked up the MEID on Swappa.....It just says Sprint...nothing else.....I tried on a few other sites....all sites claim invalid MEID Number. I have never had a number show up like this, when looking up other MEID's...

We are at a loss>>>>Any Admins out there can help me out? Is it possible the Phone is Brand new, never activated?

Any other help would be awesome too!!!

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