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I got my S3 yesterday. It is activated. There is the default dialer on the home page and the freedompop app. When I hit the default dialer and try to make a call it does not complete. When I use the freedompop app dialer the call DOES complete. I have checked the settings for the freedompop app and it does say it is integrated with the default dialer app, but I don't think that is the case. Also, when I start the freedompop app it defaults to text messaging... any way to default it to the phone dialer and have it be the default application?


  • @stevehauser‌ Hey steve what version of the freedom pop app are you running?
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    Update to the most recent app. Than when you open the freedompop messaging app. There is a little telephone symbol in the top right corner of the app.

    You can also hit Compose in the middle of the screen and when it brings up the contacts list, it will let you press ok, or hit the phone icon next to the name.

    The new app, looks like they did a ton of work to it. Making the app more user friendly.
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    Did you setup your google account and it the one that work with your app and your phone. I try to find what setting you need to make your fredompop app link to native dailer.
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    In the native dialer you should get a message saying

    "Your account is not authorized to make calls to this number. If you would like to have additional capabilities added to your account, please call customer service.

    Message 7, switch 112 / 1317 (or something close to these)"

    That means ur phone is activated on data, and you will need to configure your dialer to work with FP. To do that in the settings for the FP app make sure force integration is checked.
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