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Can the EVO4G that I paid $89 for from FreedomPop be used with another service i.e. Sprint? I have tried to use this service for about 3 months and I just can't get consistent voice coverage. FP offered to send me a new phone(even though I doubt it's the phone) but want to suspend my service until I return my current phone. Customer "service" says it's because they don't know if I will return the phone. So in effect I could be without a phone for up to 10 days.
I will avoid going on a rant about customer service. I just want to lick my wounds and move on.
Thanks for anyone that can answer.

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    Wow! Three months of jockeying. How is the WiMAX in, out and around your home ? Is it really good mixed with awful areas as you walk thru your neighborhood ? If 3G is too weak most places, or is too variable also, then going to another mvno on Sprint towers may be disappointing also.
    If you're a low usage person, my 2nd best choice is: ringplus. It's like about $2.50 with fees and taxes per month for 50 minutes. I think they use CDMA and not VoIP data for voice.

    If you wanted to try FP later again with an LTE phone, get with a friend who has a Sprint phone. Check your home and nearby with his phone checking the LTE bars or signal strength. Also check a few destinations that are important to you. Like school, work, parks, playgrounds, etc. If that all passes in your mind, go ahead and try an LTE at that time. ( waiting another year might gain better signal for you )

    There's my thoughts. May they assist you in deciding.

    By the way, @Jorge M ‌ seems to be the best at getting very quick deactivations ready for other MVNO's to activate.
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