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I am looking at getting the Samsung Galaxy S4. I must purchase this device from another source because of the storage options. I have many apps that take up multiple GB's of space, so I am going to buy the phone in the 32 or 64 GB version. I read other forums and it says that the Galaxy S4 and one other phone need the "SIMGLW206R" Sprint SIM card. I am wondering if there is a reason for this because it is difficult to find a Galaxy S4, 32 or 64 GB, with a clean ESN (for the purposes of BYOD) AND have the right SIM card already in it. I would prefer not to buy the SIM card and the phone separate, and I would rather not downgrade my purchase to the S3. What can I do?


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    Getting a 64 gig phone, used, is gonna be VERY tough. Think, it's only $14 with ship from ting. A small change on a big phone cost. Just keep +14 in back of mind when making bids and you'll be fine.
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    You can certainly ask for the SIM when contacting the seller. I have received two phones from eBay auctions with SIMs by asking for them to be included. Does not always work. Otherwise try You need to register to order a SIM.
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