Terrible voice quality, missed calls, delayed text messages

Whoever I'm on the phone with usually sounds like they're talking to me with a mouthful of peanut butter and a tin bucket over their head. And they tell me (later, in person, after angrily hanging up) that I'm constantly fading in and out so they only hear about a third of the words in any given sentence, or that I sound like I'm shouting up a ventilation shaft from the bottom of a collapsed coal mine. Or both.

End result: useless conversations that consist primarily of screaming WHAT? WHAT?

That's assuming I can make or receive a call to begin with. I keep getting the error message "Your mobile network signal strength is too weak to place call. Please move to another area or connect to wifi." That is a personal safety issue. What if I need to call 911 and I'm not in range of a wifi hotspot?

I have repeatedly had friends get pissed off at me for ignoring their calls, but the phone didn't ring, or even register a missed call.

I also get delayed text messages, sometimes not until the day after they were sent, and my friends have reported the same from me.

I downgraded to free service because of these problems. If these issues are fixed to my satisfaction, I will gladly re-up to paid service.


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    Testing Epic 4G via wifi. Called our home phone and the announcement sounds garbled. Left a message - nearly unintelligible. GrooveIP much better (default settings) and may work with the 500MB data once I activate. I read that it uses a more appropriate codec (GSM) for 3G. My wifi connection is about 2.4MBps (slowed down some by the router most likely), better than 3G.

    FP search on voice quality (not as part of Forum) suggested changing a bunch of settings not found in the menu of the Voice and Text app. Looking for a forum discussion of settings.

    Why should clock rate be 44.1KHz when codec is 8KHz? Default rate 16KHz.

    I read that you need to turn on data sync in phone settings to get incoming texts, but I cannot send outgoing texts on two different phones (via wifi).
    Data sync runs down the battery.

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    You only need data sync turn on for the google account...and normal phones will only ask to sync weather app and one other app....besides google

    You can not get incoming text with sync off and or not logged into your google account....Its just the way the android freedompop app works...

    I think the voice quality is perfect....I have a phone...data...and 200min talk and 500 mins text...FREE!!!

    and it is not required to use Freedompop app as your VOIP app...You can use what ever VOIP app you want....Your basically using freedompop for there free data....and the have a voice and text app that work great with any android...

    so it only make sence...use the app with the data...

    is there any other VIOP app out there that allow you to just turn the phone on and go...You don't even need to open the app to use? I have no idea, but I am happy...and sometimes it take a little fine tuning...some people don't need it at all..

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