Need assistance disassociating BYOD ESN with account

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Hello, I am planning to sell my BYOD device and open a new FreedomPop account with a new phone. I have already disconnected cancelled service and data plan by calling customer service this morning, however the device appears to be still associated with my account. Can an FP administrator provide assistance; thank you in advance!!


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    Hello @Michael Terranova‌ !

    Check to see if data and calling works, if they do then you need to contact an admin to get the account properly cancelled and the MEID released from the system. Once you do then you can sell the device but activation on Sprint or any other MVNO will only be possible after 30 days from deactivation. Hope this helps!


    Check your account to

    see if it is still active

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    Your FP account will continue to show your device until you transfer another device into the account.

    I have a phone that I transferred the number out and deactivated the account 2 months ago and it still shows the number and device. When I contacted FP I was informed that they have no way to completely clear an account from their system.
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