Getting ready to turn off service, how to clear out phone?


After having tried to stick with the service for (too) long, I've finally given in and will be terminating my service with Freedompop. What do I need to do shutdown my service and deactivate my phone (Evo 4G) for use elsewhere? Should I just close my account and do a factory reset, or is there something else the FP folks need to do?


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    @Lalit Mathur
    Good afternoon....I am a newbie here on Freedompop, and I have not heard of your name before here...
    I am a wiz at these phones, and if you give me a chance. I might be able to assist you...I totally understand if you don' is the admins and customer service number just are there names..

    @KathyFP‌ @JasmineS‌ @ "Jorge M @‌FreedomPop‌ @K_Ber‌@Taylor‌
    @Darla_A‌ @Vanessa‌ @EdwinFreedomPop‌ @GeorgeD‌ @lolabee

    or customer service call the 1 (888) 701-1353, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PDT

    I went ahead and threw the @sign in there for you to reach an admin

    If you decided to give me a shot...You can chat with me here? PM me, or just look up my email address on my page and shoot me an email to my personal email addy... @njfulwider5‌

    I really hope you give me the Opportunity..

    Either way...above is all the info you should need.
    Thanks and have a great rest of the night....

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