Why can't I send or receive group messages or photos?

I've had my Evo for a few months but have only just realized that I can't receive or send group texts or photos. The messaging app won't let me send a text to multiple people, and I just don't receive any group texts; friends have to forward them to me individually.
I also cannot receive photos via text; when friends try to text me photos the message never even shows up. When I try to attach a photo to a text it fails to send.
Does FreedomPop just not support group messaging (which would be a big problem for me) or is this something that I can fix in settings? And same goes for the photos; why can't I send/receive them?


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    @Michael Flanagan

    You can send picture-freedompop to freedompop....I have heard from other pros, that sometimes you can send pictures to other phones, but it shows up in the form of a link.

    Now the multiple messages, last I heard we don't support multiple text messages, but there working on adding it, along with Shortcode...or MMS. Freedompop is always upgrading there services. Maybe another member has heard of a upcoming update?

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    I use Google's Hangouts for group messaging. It seems to work well for images also
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