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Cannot activate BYOD Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy S2)

califlycalifly Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
This is my personal phone that I used a few years ago and hasn't been used since being deactivated. I've confirmed via the web as well as through Sprint customer service that the ESN on this device is clean. I've been trying to activate this phone using www.freedompop.com/byod, and I get all the way to the last step where I'm asked for my payment info. Just to recap:
1. I enter zip code and email address then click "Check Now".
2. I enter street address then click "Check Now".
3. I enter ESN and CAPTCHA then click "Check My Device".
4. I select "Basic 200 Monthly" then click "Next".
5. I click "No Thanks" at "Congrats, you've qualified for 2X the Free Data!".
6. I deselect the box next to "Voicemail", enter billing information, check the box next to "Term of Use..." then click "Activate".
7. "Processing Order" appears for a few seconds, then...
8. BACK TO THE "Final Step to Activation" PAGE. Interestingly enough, the URL reads "https://freedompop.com/byod/checkout2?billing_error=".

I've tried multiple cards (CC and debit) on multiple web browsers (IE, FF, Chrome, Safari) across two different operating systems (Windows 7 and Yosemite). What am I missing?


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