Returning my S3 and getting replacement

Tae K SungTae K Sung Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
I previously posted charging and battery problem with my newly received S3. FreedomPop sent me a new battery to see if that would fix the problem. (The problem was flakey charging and short battery time). The flakey charging problem still remains and I need to return it and get a replacement.

I talked to a local shop to get some idea what might be the problem, and they said it's probably loose socket on the phone. They said the pins are soldered on the motherboard on S3, and the whole motherboard needs to be replaced.

I tried calling 888-701-1353 to no avail. First time, I put on hold for 30 min and the call died. Next time, I finally got connected but the agent had computer problem, so tried to transfer me to someone else. Put on hold again and got the connection died again after 30 min. (Is FreedomPop phone connection supposed to die after 30 min?). I burning all FreedomPop minutes trying to talk to the tech support here..

Long story short, I need to find out how to return it and how long it will take for me to get the replacement.

Thank you.


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