Thanks Freedompop

nicholas yankaitisnicholas yankaitis Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
What you guys are providing is exactly what I have been looking for forever. That free 500mb is perfect to listen to streaming radio in my car, and I have no issue with being charged $10 extra if I go over. I will likely always go over every month, but $10 for 1GB total of data is the best deal around.

I know people don't seem to like your customer service, but I think its partly a problem with themselves. If you're rude and impatient you're not going to get support, it's the same for most services out there.

Plus, for what little you guys charge for your services, its obvious money has to be saved somewhere, and I think its smart to keep the service support at a minimum. If people need their hand held then go to verizon and pay for it.

So far, I love my data plan, and I do have an outstanding ticket with you guys to get one of my other orders exchanged due to a faulty phone. The support has been fine, I even get quick responses. Like I said, I think staying calm has a lot to do with getting things done.

I also like your website and android app. Well done there. And thank you for having these support forums, they are a great tool for guys like me -who like to solve their own issues.

Keep up the hard work guys! You're changing how cell service is done in America, and i LOVE it!


  • JAY SANCHEZJAY SANCHEZ Posts: 410FreedomPop Master, FreedomPop Expert ✭✭✭
    Great to hear that you are having such a great experience!
  • ZTE ForceZTE Force Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
    I would like to thank Freedompop, too. I don't talk on the phone everyday, but I need one just in case. Freedompop is a perfect choice. Now, we have two phones and a hotspot with them and saving so much every month. It does take time to get administrator's attention, but they all eventually get to you. Just one thing, I tried to call Canada and China, but the other side couldn't hear anything. All in all, with how little it costs me and how much I got, I give u guys a thumb up.
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