GoogleVoice to FreedomPop - Porting of number SUCCESS STORY

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Not certain if this will be a success for everyone, but here is my story. Hope it helps someone.

STEP 1 : Read this article, this has valuable info on unlocking the number at GV (Google Voice). Yes, I paid $3, using my credit card, but didn't provide Google with any address or PIN .

STEP 2 : Login into FP (FreedomPop) and initiate porting of number. I choose the below when info was not clear :
Type of provider (AT&T, Sprint, etc) : Other
GV Number : My old GV number I was porting.
PIN Number : Last 4 of the GV number
Account Number : My old GV number (no spaces or special characters)
Name : My real name (same as credit card used at FP or GV end.
Address : My real address (same as credit card and at FP account info).

STEP 3: Wait. It took less than 24hrs for the process to be comple at FP.
FP shows the new number (OLD FP number is not visible anywhere on FP now).
GV shows NO phone number. I can choose a new number on GV if needed.

STEP 4: Test inbound/outbound calls/texts (I had an login issue at FP, so had to wait about a week to test these functions, but it works fine now.


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