GV, Hangouts, porting, texting, I'm so confused!

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So I sorta read thru the long how to use GV with your FP phone, it started in Jan (14?); but then got confused along the way because things were stopping, new things added, changing to hangouts etc, so I'm so confused.

So here's me. I have a VM phone (several years now, so I'd like to keep my #) I know I can port it to FP if I want. But I'm thinking of porting to GV instead, if it's better for me. If I do that, can I send/receive picture texts (MMS I guess they're called). I'd have voicemail via GV (not that I ever use vm anyway).

So what are the advantages/disadvantages of using GV?



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    @bryan wyland

    @Richard Allen
    know just about everything there is know about this subject...I just sent him a shout out....

    Hope he can help

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    @‌ Let me start with MMS. Google voice just recently started supporting MMS using the new hangeouts app. I personally have not used MMS so at this point I can only answer in the affirmative for this feature.

    As far as the advantages to having your number with google voice here are the ones I can think of:
    1) You port the number once and that's it. No more porting no matter how may times you change carriers.
    2) Voice mail with transcribing. (With Freedompop you have to pay a fee for voicemail). Granted the transcribing of the message is very inaccurate but I get a chuckle reading what GV comes up with in the text.
    3) And this is a big one in my book. Call blocking. Once you add a number to your spam call blocking your phone will no longer ring and the caller gets a message that your number is not in service. GV also has a database of known spamming numbers that you can select to have blocked.
    4) Programmable quite time. You can selective program times that calls go straight to voicemail and does not ring your phone. If you have more than one phone in your forwarding list each phone can have its own unique schedule.
    5) Hangouts dialer app. If you call out using this app caller id shows your GV number. If you call using the native dialer on the phone caller id shows your FP number. (disadvantage hangouts dialer app is fairly new and a little buggy)
    6) Incoming calls and sms can ring multiple phones.

    1) $20 to port number in and $3 to port out
    2) If you install the google voice app it will does not integrate seamlessly with the freedompop phone. You have to install a second app (voice+) and disable the native dialer from freedompop messaging. (advantage to using voice+ is calls are counted torwards data and not voice minutes). There is a thread in the announcements section that goes in to a lot of detail of how to use google voice app.

    That's all I have for now. Hope this answers your questions.
  • Sarah WylandSarah Wyland Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
    Thanks @Richard Allen, That helps alot. I make very few calls, so sure what I want to do yet.
    Hopefully I can MMS 2 way with FP messaging soon & won't have to mess with GV/hangouts.

    If I do want to do it, do I just install the GV app, or hangouts app, and change settings on something?

  • Richard AllenRichard Allen Posts: 644FreedomPop Newbie, FreedomPop Expert, Porting Master ✭✭✭✭
    @bryan wyland Not sure how far along or what the priority is for getting MMS on the FP messaging app. All I know is it takes a lot of coding work to get MMS up and running and be compatible with all the mobile providers.

    For google voice MMS you need to install hangouts and possible hangouts dialer. I do not think the GV app supports MMS only hangouts. When using MMS you will be going through google and be using the data connection on your phone. If there are any setting to change they will probably be in the hangouts settings.
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    @bryan wyland
    if I can throw in my 2 cents.. I guess when G-Voice understood correctly... you in a sense would never need to get another phone # ever again... as ur main number that is.. no matter what comapany you are with (weather Verizon, ATT, SPRINT) and no matter which type of phone.. (android or ios) because as long as you can plug in an applicable app(this is where the confusion begins..), that phone # will connect with your device always.

    its basically a phone # for a specific email..

    so for example.. for my work.. i have my [email protected] with its google voice # attached to it... whenever i meet someone for work... i give them that #... that calls which ever device i associate it with... my home in the afternoons... my cell in the mornings... my email on weekends... either way, the clients/persons, know no difference.. they just know they are calling NESWORK..

    it can be done for work purposes.. family purposes.. main phone number purposes... either way, when set up correctly... that number stays with you as long as you'd like... granted we're in the cusp of the technological revolution... so things change faster now than metro sexuals change underwears... but so be it.. it works for now.. for those that can apply it to.. hope this helps... NEs

    PS: how to get it set up appropriately is up for debate.. i just got the whole HANGOUTS setup going... and its cool.. def voice calls come across way better than the FP messaging app itself.. in my opinion.. but when i go to text or call someone.. i type James... and hangouts shows me a million and one james that are on google plus.. i'm like WTF.,.. that i do not like.. skrew your circles.. but im sure theres a way to turn this annoyance of thing off..
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  • Sarah WylandSarah Wyland Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
    I get the concept of GV, my kids used it on Wi-Fi only devices to text. But in reading that thread, it seems things have changed at google. I know you used to place a call by it calling you, then it called the number you dialed. I guess that's what the new app voice+ is supposed to do.

    I guess I need hangout instructions, I've installed it, it tries to verify my fave sprint number, I can't get it to change to my FP #. If I try to send a text I get a 9230/2120 error message.
  • Richard AllenRichard Allen Posts: 644FreedomPop Newbie, FreedomPop Expert, Porting Master ✭✭✭✭
    @bryan wyland The google voice app does not seamlessly integrates with FP phones. In order to use GV on FP phones you have to install GV app and select never use. Then you have to install voice+ which is a call back app. The voice + is what you would use to associate with your FP number. You also have to go into FP messaging app and turn off "integrate with android. On my Republic wireless phone all I had to do was install google voice app and it works with no problems. Did not need to install voice+ on the RW phone.

    I have the hangouts dialer on my FP phone and it is taking a little getting use. With hangouts you do not need to associate it with your FP number. All you should need to do is log in to the gmail account that you have your google voice number with. For making outgoing calls you can use either the native dialer or hangouts depending on what you want to show on the caller id.
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