Why is it so hard to just send me a Return Authorization Code?!

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I stated a new FP account a couple weeks ago. I did get the phone very fast, like 4 days, I read it could take up to 2 weeks but I got it fast. The phone has a small crack on the frame. I would have no problem using it this way but if they ever offer a decent waterproof FP phone, then I'm selling this for that and don't want to get like %50 less for it being cracked on eBay. So I never even used the phone, never routed my previous number to it either because I don't want to run into problems routing the number a second time when I get the replacement phone (if I ever do). Plus I don't want to use the phone and have a problem if they say I wasn't supposed to use it if returning as new with defects. I called like a week and a half ago to get the Return Authorization code. Apparently they have a separate dept just for this who has to call me back. I waited like 4 days and called again, same thing, then I called again two days ago and apparently there's a priority list they put me on to get it done sooner. Still no call back. no emails. I signed up for the free 200min 500text 500mb plan which I'll eventually go over and have to pay but am just seeing how long I can make it last. FP included 500 extra free MG data for the first month which is almost over and useless plus I have to pay return shipping for a broken phone they sent me. Do you think they'll let me get the free 500MG next month when I actually have a phone and will they give me a freebee like extra talk minutes for paying return shipping on a broken phone they sent me? If I ever get the call back with the Return Code. I'm considering just mailing it back with a piece of paper inside saying how it's been weeks without a call back and my info and to please send the non-cracked new phone. I understand prices are low and thus customer service isn't a giant building full of people but how long does it take a dedicated dept to give out Return Codes?


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