Freedom Pop phone with keyboard or keypad ??

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Freedom Pop offers several phones, but I know nothing about any of them. NOTHING that I have read about any of the phones offered mentions a keypad. To me that should be a yes/no mention on any description just like data offering or text features.
I am on Sprint with a phone that has a pullout keypad. I can do any variety of text and talk on the phone. That is all I want from Freedom POP.
I have two phones on Sprint plus a few that I have used previously. NONE of them are accepted by Freedom POP. I may be thinking it too simply, but I fail to understand why a phone that was successful on Sprint cannot be on the Freedom Pop system since Freedom Pop has a Sprint backbone.


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    @Jeff Hix‌ We only have smartphones since our messaging app requires VoIP and that uses data, we don't use Standard Voice service.

    If you want a phone with a flip out keypad, consider the Samsung Epic 4G or the HTC Evo Shift.
  • @Jeff Hix‌ Below are the devices that we accept from Sprint at this time.

    **We now support BYOD for FreedomPop service! We are still working on the functionality but we will support various Sprint phones through our BYOD program.

    Here is the complete list of phones we currently support through our BYOD phone service. Additionally, your phone will need a clean ESN in order to activate.

    -iPhone 4, 4s, and 5
    -HTC EVO 4g
    -Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and S4
    -Samsung Galaxy Victory LTE (Make sure to include device's ICCID when activating. Click here for more.)
    -LG Viper 4G LTE
    -Samsung Epic 4G
    -HTC Evo 3D
    -Samsung Nexus S
    -Motorola Photon 4G
    -HTC Evo Shift
    -HTC Evo Design

    In order to activate your previously purchased phone, head to our BYOD funnel, by clicking here.

    If your phone is not currently eligible to activate, please enter your information on the landing page (email address and MEID) and we will contact you when your phone is ready for activation.

    You can visit our video tutorial on our BYOD process by going here.**
    Don't forget to vote on our latest Poll for a chance to win some FreedomPop gear! :)
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    @Jeff Hix
    Looks like the link is missing in the above message.
    BYOD link:
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