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Phone - group texting and voice quality , wifi

Carmen JacquezCarmen Jacquez Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
i am fairly new to freedompop and trying to understand what the service can do .
1) Am i able to receive group text or send them? It seems like there is a blackhole in my communications via text.

2) Also the voice phone calls is extremely bad quality. Is there anything i can do to improve the quality? like a boost of some sort?
3) I have internet wifi at home but when i try to use it at home it uses the allotment of free 500MB - i have a galaxyII - i have tried changing the settings recommended in forum chats but if i turn off the 3G/4g i do not have any connection at all.

Is there a good manual to understand this - it seems like you only get limited answers after posting questions - after-the -fact, - experiencing black holes and severe service limitations.



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