Freedompop general review.

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Just thought I would share my experience with Freedompop.

When I say shipping I am referring to the time I place my order to the time I receive device.

I bought my first device with Freedompop In early 2013. It was the Burst hub. Shipping was fast, under a week. Plugged it in and got it set up right away. No issues what so ever. Never had a reason to call customer service. Had the highest plan available for it. I still use it for my second homes surveillance and automation stuff. I get good signal and more then adequate speeds for what I use it for.

A short while later I was sent an email stating that cell phone service is now available in my area. I bought a cell phone through them as a tester, a HTC Evo4G. It took in the neighborhood of 6 to 8 weeks. I had a few issues, worked with customer service mostly through email, and in a month or two all issues were resolved. I was sent a new battery, new battery was swollen and bad, they sent another new in plastic. Other issues were with Freedompop, not with the phone.

A while after that Freedompop offered the S2, with or without a 2 year unlimited talk and text plan. I purchased the phone with the 2 year talk/text. It took a while to come in and when it did come in it was defective. It had the ever so common bad charging port. Freedompop wanted to troubleshoot first, so they went through a few things and send a replacement battery. Battery was good, but same thing, phone was bad. Freedompop issued RMA and I returned phone. Received replacement 3 months after initial purchase. Freedompop did not credit/refund the original purchase so I was charged twice. When I noticed this I called and was refunded. No other problems with this phone until I tried to swap devices.

The next device I bought was a BYOD S2. I bought this after I bought the FP S2 but before I received a working one. It went flawless but was taken over by my girl. She purchased the $10.99 Month to month unlimited talk/text. I reverted to the HTC until the working S2 came in. No issues with the BYOD phone. After a few months she dropped it and cracked the screen. I purchased a replacement. When we got the replacement we tried to downgrade the talk/text back to the free plan. We used the downgrade link on the site but it would not downgrade even though it said it did. At end of billing cycle we were charged $10.99 again. We called customer service and they said they were unable to refund the $10.99 charge, but they would remove the plan. This happened for 3 months, same thing every month. I finally had to block payment to Freedompop on that credit card. That fixed the issue. Service was never cut off.

After the S2 was dropped Freedompop announced they were now accepting LTE BYOD. So I found a Sprint S3 on craigslist for $60 and went to go and check it out. I opened the FP site on my S2, checked the numbers, everything came up clean and ready to activate, so I paid the woman for the phone and activated it on the spot. After we got it all set up, we swapped numbers from the S2 with the cracked screen to the S3. No issues with this phone or account.

Next was a S3 I bought as a BYOD from a friend. Lots of issues with the account. Everything is documented in the services thread. We are still working out issues from Oct. 14th, but it may all be set this time. I will have to wait for billing cycle to reset to know.

Then I got a BYOD S4 from a coworker. No issues with phone or account.

Next was a Freedompop branded S4. Shipping was a bit slow, but at this point it was expected. No issues with phone or account.

I almost forgot, I got a hotspot I rarely use that I let a friend use. No issues with device or account.

Then I got one of the Franklin U600 usb devices as well. No issues with device or account.

Overall, I would rate Freedompop in the neighborhood of 75 to 80 out of 100. As for improvements, phone service is a bit lagging, but liveable. If the delay was less it would be better for service. When I first had to deal with customer service they were very decent. If they were not 100% sure on your issue they would forward you to someone who could fix it. As the company has grown, so has their list of customer service reps. I believe that with a little more training and phone time they will get back to where they were. One of my main issues is the was the CSR's handle issues. If they are not 100% they should refer to someone who is instead of attempting to fix it. I know this may not be the most popular view, but I think more people would rather have it fixed right and fixed once instead of having to keep calling back for the same issue.

I have been recommending Freedompop, but not as a primary phone. I also remind people that it is not a finalized product yet.


  • Ali Ali Posts: 6,705FreedomPop Master, Test Role, iOS Master ✭✭✭✭✭
    I have a similar experience.

    I had the MiFi, and it was defective. I tried everything but it needed an RMA which took too long where I decided to let a friend just buy it from me instead of proceeding. Then I bought a BYOD S2 which **** initially. I switched to an iphone in August, and also got myself a photon. I also got myself a 250U, and another month later a hub and u600

    With the service, there are lots of bugs, big and small. I also have to say that phones take a long time to ship, so BYOD is faster. It's not too bad but it's still longer than most other carriers.
  • Sylvia TaylorSylvia Taylor Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    I have had representatives respond and provide service to me when I waited it out via phone. Strangely, that experience made me feel appreciated.
    However, strange things continue to happen with my phone. Somehow, I seem to always run out of my basic plan minutes. I have started to notice that I have been charged more then I realized. Recently, I noticed over $30.00 worth of charges. Looking back to previous bills I noticed charges in the $2.00+ range. I'm not convinced that I have ever exceeded my allotted minutes. I did not order an voice recognition anything. I have not been able to make or receive any calls or texts for the last 2 weeks at least.
    I am feeling very frustrated with what I thought was a beautiful concept.
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