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Disconnecting every 10-20 minutes

I've been using my Mifi 4082 since March with little issue (once I got it setup correctly). I've had a very stable connection and decent download and upload speeds on 3G (1Mb up, 0.5 down).

But for the last month, the connection has been so unstable and slow that it's nearly useless. No matter where I put it the house/outside the connection won't stay up for more than 20 minutes. Some days it goes down every 5 minutes. And the speeds have dropped to 500Kb down and 300Kb up.

I updated the PRL and profile yesterday, no change. Is this an issue with my tower or my device? FWIW, I don't get 3-4 signal bars like I used to, 2 bars is the average. If it's the tower, what can I do?


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