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My device seems to indicate it isn't configured for 3G and wants PRL updated

I don't use my MIFI at home as its service is unavailable here but tend to use it when traveling and staying along a major interstate highway where the service (according to the bar indicator on the device) is at the highest level possible. The device let me down the last time I tried to use it. It gave me a notice about something about my device not being configured to operated on the 3G network. I was able to access limited sections of the Freedompop website through the device, mainly some support sections, but was unable to get it to function properly.

One of the common solutions was to login to the device and check for software updates, update the PRL, and another profile. I checked and tried to update these profiles but nothing changed.

I am able to better access the support forums and website. Someone has suggested I press the reset button which is under the battery cover to see if this resolves the problem. I may take the device and a laptop to town tomorrow and see if it works after a reset. I tried turning it on and off several times during the time I was having trouble but used the normal power button.

I do not have the exact message with me as I didn't save it and the device isn't duplicating it with no service available to me at home but it almost looked as though it wasn't activated although it is.

The power light was also blue which I understands means 4G is available.

Any suggestions?


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    What plan do you have? if your on the free plan, you are limited to 4G only..you have to pay 3.99 for 3g fallback..see pic?

    let me know?

    you can upgrade by visiting plans...


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    @Conor Watkins When you do the updated be sure you update the profile first. Then do the PRL.

    If you do not have a 4G signal at home try doing the update by plugging the MiFi into a computer (via usb) that has internet access then log into the Mifi with your web browser and do the update from there.
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    @njfulwider5 - I have the blue light on my mifi 4082 and it still complains about 3g setup. Do I need to have the 3g fallback no matter what?
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