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What is the Privacy phone?
The Privacy Phone (also known as the "The Snowden Phone") is different from a standard phone because it encrypts your connection and protects you from malicious parties that could intercept your data. Using our Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, the Snowden phone secures and encrypts data across a network, usually the Internet, by building an “encrypted tunnel.” All Internet data between you and FreedomPop is encrypted from that point on. Additionally, all voice calls and text messages are secure with 128-bit encryption.

You also are assigned a temporary and random private IP address. This private IP address cannot be traced by anyone through our server nor can anyone find your real IP address or location.

Why should I use the VPN service?
Most people don’t realize it, but public wifi is incredibly insecure. You are broadcasting all of your data without any security, whatsoever. This includes your email, instant messages, web searches, and any other data sent or received by you over the wireless network. Using a public wifi network is like being on a walkie-talkie – everybody is listening.

VPN should be used whenever you are accessing a public wifi hotspot or an unknown wifi network. Some of our users use VPN at coffee houses, when traveling, or when using a hotel’s unsecured wifi network. Other users who desire added privacy while online may use it all the time.

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