How to install Paranoid Android onto Samsung Galaxy S III

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I have been asked to divulge my secrets on how I installed the Paranoid Android ROM onto the Samsung Galaxy S III d2lte/d2spr. So here they are:


  • READ THE ENTIRE TUTORIAL BEFORE EXECUTING ITS INSTRUCTIONS!!! This will allow you to understand the process before you start and will reduce the chance that you mess up.
  • You can flash the zip from the SD card but I would recommend using ADB sideload as the method because it would leave a smaller footprint on your device.
  • I would also recommend that you have android 4.4.2 on the phone before you load a new OS as the knox bootloader is less strict in its enforcement of custom OSs
  • I also used the nexus root toolkit from Wug Fresh for my source of the adb binary(s). They are located in the Advanced utilities section under manual input (bottom left corner).
  • This tutorial is designed for people who know a little about the command prompt like changing directories (cd) and executing programs.

End of Notes



  1. Download the Hemidal Tools from
  2. Download the Clockworkmod Touch Recovery for the Samsung Galaxy S III (Sprint). It does not have to be the touch version but I use it because it is easy to use.
  3. Download the operating system that you would like to use. This method is compatible with any Android OS that can be installed by flashable zips. For this tutorial I am going to be using Paranoid Android as an example. I would recommend downloading a stable OS but if you're feeling adventurous then a beta version might do the trick.
  4. Reboot your phone into download mode (Volume Down + Home + Power)
  5. Run zadig.exe from the drivers folder that came with the heimdal tools suite.
  6. In zadig.exe click "options" and select "List all devices"
  7. Now that it is displaying all devices select your SGS3 from the list. It should be something like this: Samsung USB Composite Device or MSM8x60 (where the x could be some number unspecified) or Gadget Serial or Device Name
  8. After your device is selected click on the replace driver button. You can now communicate with your device via the heimdall suite.
  9. Flash the recovery image using heimdall flash --RECOVERY C:\path\to\recovery\image.img --no-reboot with a command prompt where your heimdal tools are located.
  10. Reboot the phone into the recovery image by pressing (Volume up + home + Power)
  11. In the recovery image select install zip then install from sideload.
  12. Back on your computer, open a command prompt pointed at your adb binaries. run the command adb sideload C:\Path\to\your\OS\ZIP\ It will install the OS to your device.
  13. (Optional) Install the Gapps for your device using the above adb sideload command and method (via recovery). I would recommend the pico universal package for Paranoid Android to keep things simple and debloated. Your OS should have its own Gapps repo.
  14. Reboot the device into normal mode, through the recovery it say reboot system. You device will startup and enter OOBE (out of box experience).
  15. After you configure your device reboot back into recovery mode.
  16. Flash the Freedom Pop APNs package. This will enable data communications to Freedom Pop and change the sprint info text to Freedom Pop. It should be universal to android but I can't promise anything.
  17. Reboot your device back into your OS.
  18. Open the Google play store and download the freedompop free voice and text app This will allow you to send and receive texts and calls. I would recommend going through the settings and configuring them to suite your needs.

End of instructions

That is all, I hope you find these instructions useful for your purposes. I am loving my phone with Paranoid Android. It is just amazing:)

Happy Hunting!!!


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