Noob question here. About picture messaging. Hangouts. Google voice. Voice+

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I've spent several hours searching the forum and I'm just not coming up with an answer that works for me. I appreciate your help. I just signed up with freedompop in December 2014. I came from Virgin mobile where i was a customer for 15 years or so. I'm a light mobile user. The freedompop totaly free plan works for me. My only complaint so far is. I don't get picture texts. I can send them to anyone and they get a link to view the picture. I've read that Freedompop doesn't currently support picture messages. At least to receive them, i guess? Anyway. I see people talking about using google voice or Hangouts. That sounds fine to me but I just gave everyone a new number from freedompop. (I didn't port my Virgin mobile number to freedompop and I'm not sure I could have anyway?) Is there a way to use hangouts or google voice and not have to give people yet another new number? I'm fine with my new freedompop number. I just want to be able to receive picture texts without a big hassle. Probably asking for too much, right? Thanks


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    @Kelly Casey
    You need @Richard Allen‌ (pro member)

    he can help you port your number correctly, I just sent him a shout out..

    he is a great Teacher....

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    You are correct that Freedompop does not support MMS. At this time I do not know of any third party app that you can link your FP number to to send and receive picture texts.

    I would suggest getting a google voice number, link that number to google hangouts then install the hangouts dialer app. The nice thing about using hangouts dialer is that you will also receive your texts via email.

    If you would like detailed instruction on how to set up google voice and hangouts dialer on your FP phone please feel free to PM me.
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    I sent you a PM. I am unable to get the dialer on my Evo 4G.
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