So no voicemail?

Kurt BashamKurt Basham Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
I've been a FP customer for a few months now, and there must have been some sort of trial subscription for Visual Voicemail, as I used to get voicemails but don't anymore. I have the unlimited talk/text +500MB data per month if that is a factor.

It looks like there is currently no voicemail available for me at this point then? I see others mention Visual Voicemail being available for $2.49/mo, but I don't see this option anywhere on your site. Others have mentioned Visual Voicemail now prompting them to subscribe in a pop-up, but I don't even see that, just a lack of voicemails showing up.

I also saw people mentioning Google Voice as a possible option. I don't know much about this; if I went the Google Voice route, would that take the place of calling through the Freedompop Messaging app? Or do I continue to use that for calling, but just Google Voice for the voicemail portion? I'm a bit confused, obviously! :-D



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