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Issue of "Redirecting to Mobile Broadband on Demand. Please wait..."

My device (MiFi 4082) connects to 4G, and I am able to connect to the device over WiFi. But when I try to open any web page, I get a message saying "Redirecting to Mobile Broadband on Demand. Please wait...".

In addition, I got several strange emails from FreedomPop. On Jan 5, I got an email says my FreedomPop account has been cancelled. However, I never cancelled my account by myself. Then I got another email which says my account and mobile device are activated and 200MB of free data were added to my account. In the next day, $10 was added to my credit account to ensure no interruption of service. I am totally confused with these emails from FreedomPop.

Now I lost my internet connection for several days. Please fix this problem as soon as possible.


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