What constitutes an "approved Sprint device"?

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I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 phablet because I saw that FreedomPop was selling that model on its website. I didn't buy the FP offering because it doesn't come with free phone and text, as I discovered when I looked into purchasing it with an FP plan. This is for my 16-year-old daughter, who doesn't have the resources to afford the $11/month plan, which is the cheapest FP is offering for the Tab 3.

I thought the fee-based plans were because of FP's subsidizing the cost of the phone ($179, which is a low price that I could only equal by purchasing a refurb). I figured if I bought my own device, I could get the free plan that FP is famous for.

I was unfortunately wrong about that. When I tried to activate the phone, I got this message, "your phone is not currently eligible for free data ... Only approved Sprint devices can get a FreedomPop cellular data plan."

So why would FP deny access to their standard free plan for a device that is a Sprint phone identical to the one they sell themselves on their website? Is this just part of a plan to gradually eliminate the loss-leader free services?

I'm now out $179 for having taken BYOD at face value ...


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    @crcurrie‌ Some devices are simply not supported because they are not approved by Sprint for BYOD activation. If you send me a PM I could take a look at your MEID and potentially activate it if it turns out to be eligible.
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    @Ali Sorry, I forgot how to PM. Thanks for offering to look at my MEID. If you remind me how to PM you, I'll do so promptly.

    I guess you're saying that Sprint will make some Galaxy Tab S3s available for BYOD activation (e.g., the ones that FP sells on its website), but not others, right?

    Thanks again.
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    @crcurrie‌ Simply click on my username and then press Message which should be in the top right hand corner of my profile page. Good luck, and I hope to get this issue resolved for you :)
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    Hello again

    here is the current list of approved device...


    If you need any help with activation, Normally only a admin has the ability to help on the account side or adding the MEID to the system. I can send a shout out for you...Or I can just ask them in the old PM...

    either way....Hope you got it figured out

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