New phone purchase **** up/replaced my existing phone. No response from support.

Darrell GranthamDarrell Grantham Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
This week I purchased one of the ZTE force phones to try out, but unfortunately did so on my preexisting account. When I selected a new number, my current phone stopped working and my existing # was replaced by the new one for the new phone.

It's working again now, but my old phone number is gone. On top of that I was charged for changing my number, and have 2 phones now associated with the same number (although 1 hasn't shipped). I really need my old number back as I've had it quite a while now. More importantly I need to have both phones working, preferably with no additional activation/number change charges.

I've emailed support twice now with no response.

I've spent as much as 4 hours on the phone straightening out even simplest issues, I would really like to get this one taken care of online if possible. Any suggestions or direct support in that direction would be greatly appreciated.



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