Account Didn't Renew Properly - Stuck on Account Updates Page

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My phone service should have renewed yesterday, but apparently something didn't work. I've had it for several months now with no issue, but today I noticed data had stopped working. When I look at my account online, several parts are blank and it shows no earned data. I did notice I had an old credit card number on file (it was replaced but not expired), so I put in a good number. Currently when I try to use a browser on the phone, it goes to a page saying I have "Account Updates" then asks me to log in and just goes back to the same "Account Updates" page. When I open the Messaging app, it does the "Getting User For Device" thing and eventually times out saying "Server rejected request".

I did some looking and it appears this sort of issue is only resolved on the admin side? So if someone could look into it I'd greatly appreciate it.

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