Cannot send or receive text and calls

 michelle chebat michelle chebat Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
I have been using my freedompop phone Samsung Victory 4G LTE since September 2014. I usually miss phone calls and text messages even though I have a great wifi connection. I have the free plan but I don't even use all the minutes, texts and data every month. Today, I cant make and receive any calls and text but my data 4G is working fine. Everytime I call or send a text it gives me the message "Please check your account information on or call customer service". I have reset and cleared the messaging app also refresh the activation data but still wont work.
Also my plan details such as remaining minutes, text and data are no longer showing on my messaging app and it is also not in my online account.
Another problem is that the System Update option on my phone is gone. I do not know what happened but its gone.


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