FreedomPop in-call screen won't "unlock"!

@Ali @lolabee @njfulwider5 @Javonni_Freedompop @Jorge M @Rich Sias (16th) So I'm having a pretty big problem on my Galaxy S3 now, which is the fact that whenever I make a call, it goes to the freedompop dialer (i.e. with the grey silhouette and the big red hangup button), connects the call, but presents me with two sliders: A green one that says "Unlock" and a red one that says "End". The "End" one works fine, but the "Unlock" one will not unlock the screen even after I slide it. This means I cannot access any of the in-call options, e.g. speakerphone toggle, volume settings, or even the keypad. I have attached a screenshot of what I am talking about, in case it sounds unfamiliar. I forget when this problem started, if it was after the MSL update I did, or after my phone prompted me to install a Samsung system update (which did not complete properly). Any ideas on how I can get rid of these new annoying sliders, or how I can get them to work properly?


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