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I received my new phone Wed. and after 1/2 hour with tech support, got it activated and working. By Wed night I was only able to send texts, I could not place outgoing calls. The only way I found to place a call was to send a text, go to the text message, and call the contact from there. Any other attempt to place a call resulting in a message stating I wasn't authorized to place a call. I tried uninstalling the message/call app and reinstalling along with stopping the app and clearing the cache. Any ideas why I can't place a call?


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    @Gravityman ,

    not sure what phone you have...but attempt a profile and PRL update...

    usually in settings>>>>system updates

    here is 2 videos..maybe I'll get lucky and one of them is yours-but great references..


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    @Gravityman I'm assuming you had this message -

    Your account is not authorized to make calls to this phone number. If you would like to have additional capabilities added to your account, please call customer service.

    Su cuenta no está autorizada para sé llamar a este número . Si a usted le gustaría tener capacidades adicionales añadidos a su cuenta, por favor llame al servicio cliente

    Message 4. Switch 1-1-2

    If so, it's just you're not properly connected to the internet. Reconnect and then you should be fine. Make sure to call from the FreedomPop app dialer if your phone has an additional one :)
  • GravitymanGravityman Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
    That is in fact the message I am receiving on my ZTE phone. The other day I reset the phone to factory defaults and everything worked again. Today outbound calls are not working again either with or without wifi. I updated the profile and PRL with no luck. Tried restarting and also restarting wifi services. I tried restarting the messaging app and clearing cache but nothing is letting me make phone calls with the stock dialer.
  • GravitymanGravityman Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
    I just found out I'm also not receiving calls on wifi. Off wifi I can receive calls but cannot make calls either way.
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