Water Damage Upon Arrival

My phone sounds like it had previous water damage. Since I received my Samsung Galaxy S3, people I call all say they can't understand me. Even when calling Freedompop they kept asking me if I had another number I could call them from. Is there anyway I could get this fixed? It's been like this since I got the phone. I hear them just fine, so I'm assuming that the ear speaker was replaced, but not the one you speak into. Please help me out. I bought this phone on Groupon. Thanks Gary


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    @gary johnston This could mean your microphone was bad but FreedomPop doesn't sell water damaged devices. You may want an RMA Issued if you need a replacement.
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    @gary johnston
    You purchased from Groupon, they have a 30 day return policy.

    But there are a few thing you can do to test the phone out...Have you update the profile and PRL?

    and then there is fine tuning the app a little bit. Take a quick peek at this post and the comments in the post. Lots of tricks and tips


    if after the update and you compare settings from the post, you still have the issue. You can contact Groupon, if the phone is under the 30 day warranty....

    to get a rma going--support pages say

    If you are eligible to return Equipment, please submit an Equipment return request by contacting us at (888) 743-8107. Specify the reason for the return, and include the model and MAC ID and we will issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number to accompany your authorized return, which will also tell you where to ship the Equipment.

    We cannot accept any return, without a RMA number.

    Please pack the Equipment in its original packaging with the original carton contents that we provided you; and include a copy or your FreedomPop purchase receipt or other proof of purchase. All Equipment must be in like-new condition (reasonable wear and tear expected) and include all accessories included in original Equipment package. Refunds, deposit returns and exchanges will only be issued to the purchaser whose name appears on the purchase receipt. Please retain a copy of your purchase receipt for your records.

    Once an RMA has been issued, you have 30 days to return the equipment for a refund. The RMA will expire after 30 days. Equipment subjected to neglect, misuse, liquid damage or non-standard wear and tear, is not eligible for our return or exchange programs. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you are responsible for paying all shipping, insurance and any other costs in connection with your return of Equipment for any reason. FreedomPop reserves the right to refuse delivery of any Equipment if you have not paid such costs or FreedomPop may accept delivery and bill you for such costs.

    Hope this helps

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    @gary johnston Here is something to keep in mind. In a cellphone there is of course two way transmission. Signals coming from the towers are very strong, and signals coming from your phone are very weak. So if you don't have a strong enough signal going to the towers, your signal will be choppy, and maybe not even heard by the other party, while you would be able to hear them very clearly. This is typical with VOIP. I have had this happen many times to me. Also, it depends on the amount of background noise you have going on at the time, and also the background noise on the other end too, because of the way VOIP works. It has trouble doing true two way communication, and is more like a walkie-talkie. I don't believe it is your phone, but rather your signal strength or something else. The only way to really test things, is to make sure you are on an LTE signal, and make sure it is strong. Also tap into a strong wifi signal, and try that. Do this in a quiet area, and call a quiet number. :-) If you do and it is still bad, something else is going on. But, personally, I highly doubt its your physical phone that is causing the issues, just based upon my personal experience. I give it a 10% chance its your phone. It could be the settings that could be tweaked to help things out too, as njfulwider5 pointed out above.

    I personally can't even call in certain areas, even though it says I have a strong signal. I get the same issues, where people can't hear me, but I can hear them loud and clear. I believe it has to do with my signal strength coming from my phone to the towers. The bottom line is, this isn't a perfect system, so you need to figure out the best ways to use it, where it works the best, and go from there. Some people never have any of these issues, because they live in a big city, and the coverage is adequate, while others like me, do experience the same sort of things.

    Good luck to you in resolving this.
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