My wife's S3 battery is on it's last leg, charge doesn't last but a few hours and she is a very very lite user, basically phone and text. Ordered (from FP)her phone July 25, 2014, so I don't think there is any warranty on battery so I was wondering if anyone had any recommendation on a replacement battery. I would like to find a high capacity replacement, one that doesn't require you to also replace the back cover, but would consider if that is what I need to do. Any suggestions as to what would be a good replacement or definitely not to buy ??

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  • Mike (GS-3, 30th) GrossMike (GS-3, 30th) Gross Posts: 143FreedomPop Newbie
    I got 1 of the batteries off ebay that njfulwider5 is talking about, it is a 3900 mah battery,it replaces oem battery, fits perfectly and so far works great!!!
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