SG3 storage full or unavailable please help!

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We ordered 2 SG3's from Freedompop. I just received my Samsung Galaxy III yesterday, my Daughter's came the day before. (i have to say that i love the samsung galaxy 3 model tablets we have 2!) After fully charging the phones and initial setup (our accounts etc etc) I dloaded Neosoar (book reading app that i use on my sg3 tab) and dropbox. I can not download any books to this phone. it always says storage full or unavailable, but the phone has 10.82 gigs of internal space available, and total device capacity is 16.00gb (according to the storage info) Its not working on either phone. This is not the only time we experienced this issue, we also cant save ringtones, or even pictures from the browsers. Its the same thing no matter what we try to save to the phone. I have even tried saving the ebooks from dropbox directly to the 4 gig sd card. The sd card has 3 gigs of space available, but it will say error and the name of the file. could some one please tell me how to fix this issue?


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    @Sara Munoz
    I just found this...I know we have the Pm going too...But check out this fix
    William Doerfler says,

    If you have a FreedomPop Android phone, download "Folder Mount(root)" from the Google app store and run it if you are having any trouble saving files to the internal SD card or downloading from the web or even having problems with apps that need the SD card (like navigation apps). It'll find one or two issues with the SD card and offer to fix them. Say yes. It'll save you huge headaches down the road.

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    I had the exact same error message.

    The problem is both your internal and external storage is not writable by third-party applications.


    SDFix: KitKat Writable MicroSD, or SD KitKat Fixer from the Playstore


    1. You will need root (which you have with the FreedomPop ROM)

    2. You will need terminal emulator on your phone from the Playstore

    3. You will need some reading skills and glasses if your eyes are weak.


    1. Open terminal emulator

    2. Type "su"

    Your screen should look like this


    Now press enter

    3. Now type this command, "restorecon -v -R /data/media"

    Your screen should look like this now

    restorecon -v -R /data/media

    Now press enter

    4. Now you can use your internal sdcard without any issues
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    thanks for this info
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