How to turn off Amber Alerts on Galaxy S3?

SusiewSusiew Posts: 7FreedomPop Newbie
Does anyone know how to turn off Amber Alerts on Samsung Galaxy S3? I looked at that online, some people said this can be disabled from messaging app. but I only have Freedompop messaging which does not have any option to turn that off .


  • Ali Ali Posts: 6,735FreedomPop Master, Test Role, iOS Master ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Susiew AMBER Alerts are delivered by the default Sprint messaging app. If you do not have that app then it can potentially be disabled by your phone's settings.

    Disabling AMBER Alerts is not recommended as you will not be alert in the unlikely event that an emergency involving an AMBER Alert is issued.
  • Abel GutierrezAbel Gutierrez Posts: 23FreedomPop Newbie
    Yes, you need to go the settings in the original messaging app. The way I did was like this:
    1. Open S-Voice
    2. Say: Send text
    3. Say: test (or anything you want)
    4. Wait for a text message reply
    5. Slide down your notifications
    6. Open the new text you recieved which opens the text messaging app
    7. Press the top left arrow to go back to the list of messages
    8. Press your capacitive menu button (opposite your back button)
    9. Scroll near bottom for "Settings"
    10. Scroll near bottom for "Emergency Alerts"
    11. Uncheck "Amber Alerts"
    Sorry about the long list. I think pictures would be easier. Hopefully someone can upload some.
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