is the problem with the device or the service?

I am having a number of problems with new Galaxy S3. People on the other end of calls are constantly saying they can't hear me... keeps cutting in and out. Sometimes when someone is calling me - my phone just won't ring. Last night a missed a call from an employee who was calling out for a customer that pays my business over $150,000/yr. After some calls, when i disconnect the call - it somehow isnt hung up. When i click the text message function, ill see it is still connected. But i dont realize its still connected until later in the day. i had one 'call' that was going over night for 13+ hours. During the time of this 'phantom connection' - no other calls come though. Some kind of message saying 'only one call at a time' or something to that effect. When i restart the phone, the call hangs up - but that is not an acceptable solution.
I am testing this service out in hopes of being able to use the service across my company - potentially purchasing up to 70 tablets. Thus far i have found the service to be highly unreliable, so unless something changes, plans for the business operation are not feasible. Another woman in my office has Sprint service on her phone. We did a couple of calls from her phone which were crystal clear, and then tried my phone which was choppy, not clear and clearly of a lower quality. I have spoken with tech support multiple times - they have helped me perform an update of the freedompop app, but the problems persist.

Can someone help me understand whether my problems have been related to the service, or did i just get a faulty device??


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    with the phone being on all night connected to a call? This might have ran you 200 mins voice plan if its free or your 2500 mins plan if your on unlimited. Might be why you couldn't dial out or receive a call..check you account online to verify...

    have you tried a profile and PRL update?--just for phone clarity?

    after you try this--go to this post and compare setting on the messaging app--Please remember that this is just a starting place...Its a post to get you familiar with the threw the comments--lot of help from other members too

    Hope this helps...

    also make sure you messaging app is updated in the play store..

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    I'm having the exact same issues as the OP described...calls cutting in and out, no ringing when call coming it, calls that I hung up on but hours later find that it's still connected. I too would like to know whether it's the S3 hardware or if it's software related. If software, is it a firmware, android or freedompop problem. In my case, referring to the connected phone calls that I thought I hung up (ie: I pressed the hang up button), it is not a matter of running out of talk time as I am on the unlimited talk and text plan.

    I've updated my profile and PRL and the problems still persist
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    Well I'm no expert on this but it seems to be the Freedompop network because I am often with people on Sprint who do not have the problems I have and if you look through the device forums, the same issues exist regardless of which device you have. I have an LG Viper and I was looking at other devices on these forums to see if my problems were common to other devices and they are. So the answer to my problems isn't another brand of phone. To be fair, it does say on my Freedompop homepage that this is in "open beta" and therefore I think it is only fair that we all expect growing pains. Having said that, I will keep my phone with Verzon and use Freedompop on the free plan until service improves, which I hope it does.
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    The problem is (almost certainly) with the service. As the above posts note, FP is a beta service. My own personal experience mirrors OP's. My device(s) are three different Samsung Victory SHP-L300. In general, I get reliable data usage off a wi-fi or mobile network. However, chronic problems with voice or text services that use the FP app. I've given up on FP and would drop it except I get "free" service and it has proven highly reliable for data.

    If our experiences are typical, then FP has a very tought job ahead of themself if they plan to offer reliable voice and text service. I hate to say it, but if you expect reasonably reliable old-fashioned cell and text service, go with an old fashioned cell phone. I went back to my old carrer and not-so-smart phone. :(

    I've posted my gripe in a separate thread. I find it odd that there is no forum specifically for reporting bugs or problems in service. I'd like to help FP troubleshoot their service, but there is damned little information on how to do this. BTW, my time is valuable and I dont' have time to work with customer service for an hour at a time. Perhaps there is (or could be) a push-button way to send an error report to FP similar to what Microsoft and other vendors have in their software?
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