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Got my viper today

Sand  Sand Posts: 31FreedomPop Newbie
So far everything is working fine ... data is connecting with and without wifi ... i called someone they can hear me AND i can hear them the signal is very clear nothing is breaking up ... now i have to just see if the battery satisfy me next ... I'm waiting on it to fully charge currently and will take it out of town with me tonight ... i hope that it remain charged all the way until i come back home *wish me luck*

overall so far the only thing i don't like is the phone gets really hot during charging
it also came to me with a crack on the top of it (barely noticeable) and a scratch on back cover ... and speaking of the back-cover looks kind of cheap i wish it was more stylish ...I'll be buying a case for it anyways (if everything goes well with the phone itself 1st)


  • Sand  Sand Posts: 31FreedomPop Newbie
    One other thing is the front camera has very bad quality the back camera has amazing quality ... not sure how i'll be updating my instagram with that front one LOL ( i probably wont be )
  • Sand  Sand Posts: 31FreedomPop Newbie
    It's my 2nd day with the phone and i must say the battery life is a horror movie ... back camera isn't all that good either after attempting to take a few photo's ... this phone can't meet my expectations i use instagram twitter & etc. etc. unfortunately this phone takes dark discolored pictures .... if you are light skinned you'll seem black ... also the pictures that it takes have tiny red specs "which makes the face look like freddy cougar" the specs is a result of a bad quality camera ... so i will aim to get it exchanged .... the FP service is great ... my device is just horrible ... (need a better one).
    The charger that came with my Viper is kinda hefty. When I plugged in a charger that was already in the wall, the phone displayed a symbol that meant "Slow charging." That makes me think that a smaller charger might not heat the phone as much. I still haven't used that big one.
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