My Freedom Pop Account states that I have not signed up for services

Janice FergusonJanice Ferguson Posts: 10FreedomPop Newbie
When I log into my Freedom Pop account from my laptop or other device it shows that I have not signed up for services. The only thing listed is the free 500 MB. When I look at my account from my Messaging app it does not have any services listed below my name like it used to. Also I cannot log into the My Freedom Pop app on my phone but my husband is able to for his account. It's like I don't have an account any more and this has been going on since 3/2/15.

I've talked to 4 different Freedom Pop reps who tell me my account is in good standing and that I am signed up for 1 year of unlimited service. That is true. However, for some reason, Freedom Pop's website is not showing this. I had one rep on 3/12/15 help me and she was able to see that when she went into my personal account that no services were listed even though the system that the reps have access to does list the correct service. She escalated the issue to the senior team. Today I got an email stating that my account is good to go. NOT SO! My account still states that I have not signed up for services.

Can someone else give me advice or help me figure out how to communicate this issue to the escalation team myself? Every Freedom Pop rep or admin that looks at my account independently says that everything is fine but they are not looking into what I am seeing on my end. Please help!


  • radartdishradartdish Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    most likely it is a billing issue - try changing your credit card.
  • thewampthewamp Posts: 77FreedomPop Newbie
    Services are optional features such as data rollover. If you do not have any of the optional services, you will be reminded of this. I think that you are not understanding the difference between 'plan' and 'services'.
  • Janice FergusonJanice Ferguson Posts: 10FreedomPop Newbie
    It ended up that every time an agent would rest my account the system kept suspending my account again. the tech support staff was able to watch this happen while I was on the phone with her and escalated my problem. It's all fixed now.
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