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FreedomPop voice and text is chronically unrelaible -- Data is ok

I have been a FP user since August 2014. Of three phones currently in service, I generally get good data service (email, web, etc.) whether connected to 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. However, I have given up on FP's messaging (voice and text) app. It is completely unreliable. Texts go out, sometimes they are never received by other end. Same with (would-be) incomig texts...they aren't received. Likewise with voice calls. Outgoing calls ring but nobody answers. The recipient's phone doesn't ring. I've tested all the above...with both a cell phone on a different network, as well as a landline. I give up. For reliable service (to keep my old #) I returned to Page Plus (Verizon network, I think).

I realize that FP is a beta service. Very well, what, if anything, can a user such as me, do to help you guys troubleshoot the software? Obviously there are still huge problems. As I said above, I rarely have trouble using my phone for data whether over a Wi-Fi or via the mobile network. It is helpful to carry the phone around for the occasional data use. But for voice or text? I have to carry a non-FP phone. If the service wasn't free, I would drop it.

My time is valuable too. Is there anything I can do to give bug reports to FP?


  • LaurensphoneLaurensphone Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
    Wow! I thought I was reading one of my own letters! Having the same problems since last August. I spend hours on it every couple of weeks just hoping it will be updated to a point where I can use it. I only paid $80 for the phone, but that's $80 I would have preferred to have kept.
  • SoldermizerSoldermizer Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    I don't normally use this name, but want to post an update. Nothing I said above has changed, but sadly, starting in late May 2015, my "unlimited" data was being throttled so much I soon gave up and terminated that account. I have decided to keep another "free" phone since it is hard to beat "free", but for my admittedly "data pig" amount of data consumption :3 , I have reverted to residential internet service. It's been a while since i said something positive about FreedomPop but here is one: of the many confusing a-la-carte options for a user, I found that rather than worry about buying 500 MB, 1 GB whatever per month of data, I just have the "free" phone and selected the $0.02 per MB for > 500 MB data per month. That seems fair to me and also gives FP a fair chance to make some money dare I forget to set something correctly and my phone downloads software updates all month :o
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