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My Voice to Other Parties is Low Volume & Choppy

Whether on wifi or 3G CDMA, other parties sound fine to me, but they don't hear me loud enough and I'm very choppy. I confirmed this with my house phone on speaker from a short distance.

I assumed that FP is not ready for prime time until I downloaded the GrooveIP Lite app, which behaves the same way on the Viper, but not on an old FG Optimus P500 using wifi.

Getting ready to ask for an RMA now. Any comment? Thanks

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    Well, I've used wifi for years with other apps/phones, and they weren't this bad, nor was Groove IP on another LG phone. As for the PRL, the Viper got a fresh update when I started it the first time a week or two ago. Just now, Sprint said "Network error. Please try again later."

    My wifi is usually Comcast, but I'll fire up my Freedom Hub Burst and see if that's any better... It was dueling wifi's; sometimes FHB was better, sometimes Cast. Both had some garbling artifacts and my voice with the GrooveIP app was louder than the fp app.

    GrooveIP lets me adjust my microphone volume, which I probably did already. I determined that the FPop Messaging setting for "Media initial stream level" causes me to echo if it is higher than 5.0, and I couldn't hear that it changed my voice volume to the listener. I wish FPop Messaging would let me turn up my voice.

    Wifi testing GrooveIP on the older LG phone just now also had some artifacts, so I have to suspend my complaint of wifi on the Viper.

    I just turned off Airplane mode and wifi, forcing the use of 3G CDMA (4G is poor at my house). When I call my house phone with the speaker on, I hear fainter garbling, which most friends would tolerate but not my sister. She, unfortunately, has to wait for Time Warner to restore phone service to her house.

    This post is long enough, all will agree. Thanks for the assistance.
    I found a building with a bunch of cell antennae on its roof, and when I stand near it I get -64 dB strength with 4G and maybe -67 with 3G (can't remember exact). I called my friend who said I still don't sound good enough.

    The battery pooped out before I could walk around to find out the signal strength when I walk away from it. I have a feeling that if I'm in a car or on my bike or a bus, the data signal strength will more often be bad than good, but anyway my voice is always bad.

    I just got a PRL update and a profile update after repeated "network not available try again" messages! =)
    Those updates didn't improve my voice over data, so if I uninstall the FP Messenger app can I use the device as a Sprint telephone with another MVNO? Did FP permanently disable regular cell telephony on the Viper?
    I called a friend with fpop, GrooveIP and Skype; they all had crackling. He thinks that the crackling is due to dropped voice packets because the phone processor can't keep up. VoIP requires occasional dropping of packets in order to catch up with streaming voice. My sound usually is fine, but not my voice to other parties.

    Stopping the Fpop Messaging app didn't improve those voice processes. My friend concludes that fpop must have loaded a non-standard Android or firmware to enable their voice over data, and that slows the phone's processing.

    Of course, the Viper that fpop sent me was returned to Sprint for a reason. Maybe it always was slow.
    I continue to test the phone by calling myself. The Messaging app forgets the port to use 6030 and Enable ICE even before I dial a number.

    I think maybe my voice to the other party is slightly less crackly when I select codec PCMU and none else; I think also selecting codec iLBC does nothing.

    If Fpop wants to make money from me, they should send a replacement phone. I don't think they even read this thread anymore.

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