Visual Voicemail - How do I Access?

Alex SarrazinAlex Sarrazin Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
On my new mobile phone (Samsung Victory), I opened up the Visual Voicemail app that came pre-loaded on the phone. It prompted me whether I wanted to sign up for the service for $2.49 a month. I clicked the big green "Check Voicemail" button, and it says "Activate Visual Voicemail - by clicking OK you will be able to receive voicemail on your phone. VV lets you view, listen and respond to all your messages." I click OK, then "Setup is complete! Congrats now you are ready to use the VV app". But then it just takes me back to the same introduction page asking me to sign up. On my FreedomPop account I can see that this service has been activated, but when I click on the app it just takes me back to the introduction page. It's a never-ending loop that never takes me into my voicemail. When I call the phone from a different number it just keeps ringing, so no voicemail service has been activated.

I have tried a force stop on the app, I have rebooted my phone, I have uninstalled and re-installed the Visual Voicemail app. Nothing seems to work. How do I actually access my voicemail that I am now paying for?


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    Are you in "Freedompop voicemail" ? My Victory phone had a Visual Voicemail app preinstalled but it could not be hooked up to FP. The one needed is called "Voicemail" a blue icon with two white circles connected by a line across bottoms.
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  • Alex SarrazinAlex Sarrazin Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    Yes, that is the app that I have installed (and re-installed). Based on your comment it almost seems like this Visual Voicemail has hijacked the regular Freedompop Voicemail app on my phone??? When I open it, there is just a big green button that says "Check Voicemail", nothing else to click. That button takes you into the Visual Voicemail activation never-ending loop.
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