Issues with Galaxy S3, service/network, and lack of customer support

Lucas LangeLucas Lange Posts: 10FreedomPop Newbie
I'm new to the community and new to these FreedomPop phones, and it appears that FP doesn't really care about first impressions. First, I noticed battery drain issues with my new (refurb) phone from FP. Over night it would drop 15-20% of its charge while data isn't even turned on. Second, is the service/network. So far, even with 2 or 3 bars of service, I can rarely make or receive calls/texts. Is has only worked a couple times for me in the first week so far. Yesterday, I tried calling my wife and it said "your account is not authorized to call THIS phone number..." What?! Finally, some problems with customer support. I have IM'd a couple admins about getting my plan set up for when my first free month is over and they reply once, then suddenly stop replying as if I had a question that they did not want to answer. After issues calling my wife yesterday, I sat in queue to get ahold of support at 888-743-8107 for an hour before giving up. Yes, an hour! Occasionally the music would stop and say press "1" if you would like a call back instead of waiting. I attempted that option, but there is no message afterwards confirming I will get that call, and nobody ever did call. This is so frustrating.


  • KELLIE LARUEKELLIE LARUE Posts: 148FreedomPop Newbie, FreedomPop Expert ✭✭✭
    Hi Lucas Lange. Im sorry to here all of this frustrating. I don't know what it is, but freedompop phones purchased directly from the FP site have been just plain bad. Try a factory reset and let me know how about it goes!
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  • Carl FalconeCarl Falcone Posts: 46FreedomPop Newbie
    From what I know, the bars on your phone don't mean anything with Freedompop because all calls are VoIP mage over WiFi or 3g/4g. Freedompop never uses Sprint's talk/text network. Regarding support, yes, its not good. I only got a tech when I called to cancel my service.
  • Marsha ShortMarsha Short Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    Way beyond frustrated. After hours on hold during lots of calls to freedompop never once reaching a human. Bought a Samsung s3 love the way the phone operates that is SHOULD operate. Voice cuts in and out, with earbuds in I hear fine caller hears nothing. Sent a email got a response right away saying thanks and their team would look into it. Then got a link to protect my bubble, called them they said they don't cover cell phone. Policy info says the policy was active 3/18/15 I have payed for warrenty starting in December?? NOW the pone says I need to activate it. can't text or call. Would love to hear from FREEDOMPOP Thanks in advance
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