Can make calls/send texts, but CAN'T receive texts. Signal bars and wifi-icon also are greyed out.

youngbono18youngbono18 Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Wow... if its not one thing, its another.

I can no longer receive texts on my phone. I can send them and make calls, but nothing comes through.

I have updated my profile, PRL, software and firmware, reset my phone, uninstalled and re-installed messenger, cleared date... no fix.

On RARE occasion, the bars will go blue and I will get a flood of missed texts and voicemails, but then it just goes right back to grey later on.

"Connection Error (OATH_REQUEST)" seems to pop up often as well.

About to eat the cost of the yearly plan and throw this phone and service into the depths of the ocean.

Please help.


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