Dialing US number in international format (+1xxxxxxxxxx)

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Interesting problem:

I stored all my contacts in Google/Gmail address book in international format (+1xxxxxxxxxx for US and Candian numbers, +972xxxxxxxx for Israeli numbers, +49xxxxxxxxx gor German numbers etc.). So, regardless of number and my location (domestic US or roaming) I can dial any number and do not need to worry about prefix 00/011/8 etc. (if outside US). This approach works for every US mobile and VoiP carrier. I synchronized my address book with FP ZTE Force phone and that's what I get:

Lets say I have entry in address book called Joe Doe with phone number +1-999-1234567

Instead of dialing 19991234567 or 9991234567 or +19991234567, FP Messaging APP dials 011-1-9991234567. The call completed successfully without problems, but phone's dialing history does not show entry from my address book (I would expect "Joe Doe" with phone number +19991234567) but just number 01119991234567. So, no address book names in dialer history. Obviously, it is a bug, +1 for domestic calls must be supported normally.

If I dial number without + (1-xxx-xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxx-xxxx) the name appears in dialing history.

What I found is that replacement + by 011 is hardcoded in FP Messaging App, it is not part of filters (access to them disabled but it is still possible to see them for rooted phones). What is even more strange, FP SIP servers can handle +1 without any issue or replacement. I tested it with CSipSimple with FP credentials.

So, FP developers should just remove replacement of + by 011 if country code == 1 (US/Canada). If FP still does not like + for some reason, the code shall be following:

if (first two characters of phone number are +1) {
strip + // dial 1xxxxxxxxxx for domestic US/Canada numbers
} else {
strip + and add 011 // dial 011xxxxxxxxxxx for international numbers


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    I just got activated two SIM card and none of them receive call unless my numbers are dialed first with “+” and 1(000-000-000”).
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