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My experience

Justin HauckJustin Hauck Posts: 10FreedomPop Newbie
I am pretty happy with what could be of the Freedom pop service. But currently needs some slight tweaking.
I got a lg viper and it is a good deal for what you get for 30 dollars
But here are my problems.
I've read all the forum about what you can do to make this phone act better. This is where i am at so far.
I've turned off 4g LTE since that seems like the main thing that destroys battery life. Like you can charge the thing faster than the battery drains on a car charger if you are using 4g. Which is sort of annoying but i can live with just 3g.
My main issue is now can't make phone calls... Like it goes to the carrier instead of trying to make a call through freedom pop. Honestly why did you include the carriers stuff if i can't use it? Im at the point now to where im going to root the phone and remove all phone apps from the carrier to try and fix this always happening.
I can receive calls at the moment for the most part and it looks like if im connected to wifi i can send calls, but when i force it to use data it doesn't place the call as freedom pop call it does it as a sprint call and won't allow me to do it. I would prefer to just do everything on 3g since i can get 3g service pretty much everywhere.
I hope this makes sense is there any way to just use another app that has more control on what the phone defaults to? Like so far i can't use google voice mail service because it can verify the phone number due to it sending a text through sprint instead of the freedom pop app, which im not allowed todo apparently. I assume rooting the phone goes against the warranty and i won't get any support doing so but really you guys should have removed this stuff if that is the problem.
I've tried several things to fix this myself the current easiest solution is upgrading my phone to tether to another phone and just use the other phone to make calls on the wifi of my 3g. I don't want to have todo that... So i hope there is a simple software fix that can help me.


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