Need to change SIM card

Timothy MarcellinoTimothy Marcellino Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Hi! I tried to activate my iphone 5 byod with the wrong SIM card initially (the model number ending in C). When I realized that wouldn't work I got the correct SIM card (the one ending in R) and tried activating but it's not working. I imagine this has something to do with the fact that I entered the wrong SIM card when initially registering. Anyone know how to update this?


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    @Timothy Marcellino
    You can either call customer support or contact a forum admin.

    To contact forum admins: lolabee, JasmineS, "Jorge M", Javonni_Freedompop
    Just put an @-sign in front of their name in a forum thread message
    and then add your message. They will be notified that they
    were mentioned in the thread.

    Alternatively, to send the admin a private message, click here:
    Enter their user name for the recipient, complete the body text and send.
    When sending a private message to an admin, include your
    account email address(s) and device model.

    Other information which may be needed in the private message only:
    Device Serial Number on label under the battery:
    Settings->More->About Phone->Status
    ICCID:----for S3, S4,iPhone, iPad, & TABS only.
  • Hello @Timothy Marcellino please PM the
    for your device as well as the email address associated with the account the device is activated on.
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