Dud Phone Replaced...Still NO Service

emyers3emyers3 Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Okay, got the new phone after sending the dud back, started the 3 easy steps 1. powered up just fine 2. connected to wifi just fine 3. enter email address...no go, cannot find anywhere to enter an email address. Spent several hours on hold with customer no service, finally spoke to someone who assured me that he activated my account (sending the dud back resulted in account deactivation for some reason), but after waiting the 15 minutes that l was instructed to wait, still no phone service, somehow my account was not activated. Have been on old for numerous hours now, but have not been able to talk to an actual person.

This forum was a HUGE HELP in resolving the issue with the dud phone, so hoping it can come thru again, please.


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