Galaxy S3 BYOD, intermittently unable to make and receive calls after messaging app update.

Lawrence ReissLawrence Reiss Posts: 21FreedomPop Newbie

See update below for possible resolution

Following the updates to the FP messaging app during the last several days, I can now make and receive WIFI calls only if I:

1. Force stop the messaging app.
2. Open the messaging app to restart it.
3. go the dialer and make the call

After stopping and restarting the messaging app in this way, I am then able to make or receive one call. Even if the call is not answered, I cannot make another call. If I try to make another call, the dialer shows the call as being made, but the dialer does not make a ringing sound as it does when it is connecting a call, and the called number does not ring.

In addition, the phone will not ring on incoming calls unless I start and restart the app as above.

Before the recent updates, I had a similar problem for a long time but finally resolved it by changing a setting in the FP call configuration options to allow multiple calls. It appeared that with the previous versions of the app it was not properly hanging up after a call.


In the FP apps network settings, disabled ICE, ENabled UPNP, disable "USE RANDOM PORTS", SIP port to use: 5060

Posted this immediately so others might benefit, will test to see if it works out.... :)


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