Can't receive phone calls sometimes in wifi

Tri PhamTri Pham Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Here is my story. I was very excited when i received the phone from Groupon. Opened and updated everything-profile, PRL, freedompop message app, and Sprint network ( I don't remember what was it). I haven't done anything things else. Now after using 4 days. I have some problems:
1-when i am at home on my wifi, my phone just don't receive phone calls from my friends. It doesn't appear any missed calls from call log either. However, there is a voice mail icons on the top which shows me how many missed calls i have had. Please know this only happens when i am on wifi. I haven't experienced this when i am on 3/4G.
2-whenever i make a call both wifi and 3/4G, there is a missed call icon appear on the top after i press the call button.
3-Finally, data seems being eaten faster than my previous phone which was Evo 4G. Is there anyone have this particular problem?
Hope someone in here can help me solve these problems.


  • Iman HaqiqiIman Haqiqi Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    Thanks Jay. I had the same problem on Samsung Galaxy S III, and the code ##72786# solved the problem!
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